The Barbell Birth

Good day beautiful people! My name is Shardae Triumphant Joseph, and this is my first introductory post introducing me to you. Welcome to Liprouge and Resilience, a lifestyle blog about holistic practices, beauty and overall well being. I created this blog with the purpose of helping and connecting with others with the same vision and mindset of introspection that leads to outward beauty. My reasoning behind naming this blog is because lip rouge is a lipstick you wear to feel beautiful and confident. As we women feel whenever we wear that crimson red or hot purple! Huh? You know what I’m sayin’ and resilience represents defeating obstacles and overcoming. We are a sexy force to be reckoned with! Lol I just want women and just individuals in general just to know better and do better. 
A little bit more about me. I am from Brick City, 973 aka Newark, NJ. Born to 2 Corporate job working parents. My mom from Virginia and my dad from Trinadad and Tobago. I grew up in ballet school with pointe shoes then moved on to African dance and then praise, contemporary and flag dancing as I got older. I also used to sing in my church choir and fun fact about me! I made it through the preliminary rounds for the Simon Cowell show, The X Factor. That was a fun and reflective experience. Later on, I also danced for a few saturdays at Al Sharpton’s NAN in Harlem and at his convention. My mom was my manager for most of these events throughout my life. She was also a life coach and holistic practitioner to an extent. She was always reading and digesting. She later passed, and I miss her everyday. She taught me resilience. 
We all come from a barbell birth. As soon as we are born, we have 3-4 strikes against us. Either voluntarily or by societies standards and cultures. A barbell if attached symbolically to our feet, our feet that helps us stand tall, weighs us down but if we use that barbell, that negative thought, whatever it is, and use it to build our mental muscle capacity then we win, everytime. 

I look forward to more conversations! 
Shardae T. Joseph

Life Update: Why I have been gone

Hey guys aka my beloved Resilience Riders!

I am so, so, so very sorry for my absence. After I hit 100 followers; I basically went off the grid. To tell the truth, I was almost literally off the grid, myself. I have been going through many trials and tribulations. It’s not an excuse. It’s just the truth, so here are a few updates.


The home I have lived in since I was 7 years now now belongs to the bank, unfortunately. After my mom passed, December 2014, I tried to keep the payments up with low entry jobs, but that wasn’t cutting it. It was a nice little 2 bedroom condo in the heart of Newark,NJ with a pool and 24/7 security, and it had the trappings but I guess it is what it is. I thank God everyday for my mom in law and my boyfriend. We now live with her and I’m currently in job search/ hustle mode all the time, so constant stress basically. If I’m not looking for extra jobs then I’m looking at side hustles and work at home opportunities.


Last week, I finally made my first sale dropshipping! $252 smackers selling sneakers, so I was very happy about that. I had made the sale on Poshmark, however, I’m looking for other platforms to sell. I’m still testing everything out through trial and error. I’m thinking about possibly making my own website, but My problem is traffic and I’m not like an influencer or anything but I’m going to see. Offerup there are so many scammers, but I may try again. I joined this Facebook group for $50 and They give you reliable vendor info, advice, tips and tricks. It’s a wealth of information in that group, and I’m glad I invested in myself. I have the entrepreneurial mindset. Just not the bank account yet Lol

Hospital Job

Unfortunately the hospital job I only had for about 2 months due to them wrongfully terminating me due to discrimination.

I had to acquire my CPR certification before even working there, and Then other prerequisites, but I got in. Patients loved me, some of my coworkers did as well. It was a great job, and My paychecks every 2 weeks were lovely! I thought this is a new life for me and my man. Now why did they terminate me? Basically due to me having glasses and them thinking that I might hurt a patient due to my glasses not being strong enough. Whenever we were in a meeting. It was always about “patient safety” I wasn’t allowed to do blood sugars because “I might hurt a patient” even though I did it numerous times under different preceptors with no problem. My managers didn’t believe me nor my preceptors. honestly, the whole situation is pathetic and that’s why I’m contemplating suing. During this time, I asked my manager can I leave early for court due to my foreclosure situation, so both my managers knew, yet they still fired me. One of my patients said, “I’m going to tell your manager that you are the best worker here!” I’m still in shock that I’m back to square one, and Many people said I have the case, but I don’t have the money to sue. Money. My primary issue.

My sweet little girl, Sapphire

Due to the foreclosure situation, I had to give away one of my dogs. I’ve had Sapphire ever since she was 3 months old, so I was devastated when I had to let her go at 10 years old. She is such a sweet soul and all she wants to do is love you. Luckily, some longtime church friends at my former church decided to take her. It’s a mother and son and The mother wanted some company so she took Sapphire. She said I can visit whenever we want, so that’s a blessing.


I have a few plans financially in the works that I’m keeping to myself until I see that they really work. Some offline marketing things and such and if they are the bees knees then I’ll tell you all too! I’m strong though. I’ve been on my own ever since my mom passed in December,2014, and I was 24 years old. I grew extremely sheltered, but you know what I’m here. Not where I want to be, but here, and I’m going to keep striving for greatness.

With love,

NASA Satellites

Beam your light through the Universe

Make your presence known in the unknown

The wilderness awaits. Come get a taste

Of the freshness, the intrigue

The mystique

It all lies in you but the lies you tell yourself stifle you

Stars are shocked how you leave your mark

The moons are no longer in gloom yet stuck in the monsoon of the present doom

Black Girls Rock 2018 | Newark Power Posts

I would love to go to one of these events honoring various black women in different industries making a difference in their communities.

I pray one day I can make as much as a positive impact as these quality ladies have, in my own way.

This weekend it was held in Newark, NJ at NJPAC. New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Although I was unable to attend. Instagram did come through with the pics.

It premieres in September on BET. This event isn’t just about Black women, but Women making a positive impact in the World. They are an example to all women of strength, leadership, courage and philanthropy.

In recent discussions about the African American Female wage deficit; having events like this that really highlight the accomplishments of Black women is needed, and Needs to make a huge impact on the current financial climate.

More Pictures from the Show!!


Google Images

NJPAC Instagram

You Rock,

Amor Fati – Love of Fate

Hello again Resilience Riders!

I’m a big lover of Latin phrases and the like, and While doing my usual instagram perusing. I came upon a word that really grasped my attention.

Amor Fati.

According to Merriam -Webster definition :

Love of Fate; the welcoming of all life’s experiences as good.

This meaning the bad experiences as well.

We have to accept all experiences in our lives that we behold. Unforeseen and intentional. The choices we make, and The choices that make us.

Once we accept this truth, life can become more bearable and even more beautiful because we accepted the cards that we were dealt and won.

This doesn’t mean we are not going to have our bad days, but We should look forward to them as challenging circumstances are usually a test to enhance our lives as we go to the next level.

If you look at it, like really analyze, we are born into this World premature. We had to depend on someone else to think for us. Some were born rich, some were born poor. Others born a male and some born female. Do we know why? Maybe because in some aspects, we couldn’t handle being in another’s shoes and ride their destiny by the coat tails. We are players in this stage, in this game we call life in a sense.

Once you know the rules of the game; you have to try to win. Winning means different things to different people. It’s not all the time, fame or fortune, but the best way you know you have won is that you have mastered the sweet bliss of stability and peace. Once you have those, you have won.

Once we welcome wholeheartedly ALL of lives experiences, good and bad, our situations have no more control over us. We will no longer have that poor me attitude because we know it’s here for a reason. Even the most difficult experiences are sometimes a blessing in a disguise. We just have to be self aware and open to a new and different way of thinking in order to make the most of our lives!

Welcome all of life’s experiences with great courage,

The Potency within the Dalliances

Hey Resilience Riders,

If you don’t mind me calling you all that. It’s a community term I coined to represent all the strong, smart and driven readers who follow my blog and continue to support me I wholeheartedly appreciate it. This is one of the many mediums where I express myself, and I thank you for allowing me to.

As humans, we are all made up of energy. We are walking, living, breathing energy fields constantly attracting, repelling and absorbing energy. Energy never dies. It just transforms and expands.

This concept became very real to me after the untimely and unfortunate passing of my mother from Breast Cancer. She loved butterflies, and the color white. Ever so often, when I’m walking my dog or going to the store, I see a white butterfly fluttering right in front of me. Whenever I see one, I say in my head, “Hey Mom.”

Energy is so powerful. If more people realized that, there would be a huge shift in our consciousness. Our bodies, our shells aren’t the real us, they are our temporary bodies until we move to the next level, but this post isn’t transitioning, it’s about self awareness of our bodies and how our bodies interact with other energies where we lay them.

Soul Ties

Soul Ties as stated in Urban Dictionary is:

A spiritual/emotional connection you have to someone after being intimate with them, usually engaging in sexual intercourse. To the point that when you want to be rid of them from your mind and your life, even when you are far away from them and out of their prescence you still feel as if they are apart of you and apart of you is with them, Causing you to feel unwhole, as if you’ve given up some of yourself untangible that cannot be easily possessed again.

I believe these are very real, and If you are not careful, it can destroy your life. I have had a few partners, and I believe your energy can be drained, and a part of you, gone, if you don’t discern the right partner.

I’ll admit, I have had my share of bad boys and horrible boyfriends, so I’m happy this time, I changed my whole modus operandi, and It paid off.

I have even came across articles stating your DNA is transferred. Even more of a reason to be aware and self discerning. I find myself thinking about my ex once in a blue moon and even more to how it felt like my life was sucked out from that horrible relationship. When you have coitus with someone, energy transfers into you, and so also their attributes and detriments. It’s a soul transfer.

I believe there is someone out here for everyone. As my precious mom would always say, “There’s somebody for everybody.” When you know you know, and I pray you find that person. Not someone to make you happy because I think happiness comes from within and you shouldn’t give someone that much control.

I trust, believe and hope for all my single ladies and gentlemen out there; that you find someone who adds to your life! I’m single still, I’m not married, and if you’re not married, you’re single, but may what I call, “Perennial amore increase” meaning when you invite someone into the crevices of your world, the innermost and private moments, your whole life is supposed to be upgraded emotionally. Of course “leveling up” is nice but financially you should achieve that separately on your own terms.

If you take away anything from this, it is to stay away from negative people because they will suck you dry. That means family, exes, lovers, friends whoever. I want the best for each and every one of you. I don’t talk to any of my exes anymore, nor my Uncle Richard because he used me for things after my mom’s passing.

Protect your sexual energy because it can last generations if not rooted out.

Positive vibes only,

My Top 10 Favorite Movies

1. After Fall, Winter

A failed novelist (Eric Schaeffer), who has a secret S&M fetish, is unaware that his new lover (Lizzie Brocheré) is a dominatrix.

Rotten Tomatoes: 13%

IMDb: 6.6/10

Meta Critic: 19%

My rating: 10/10 ( Obviously)

Yes, this movie received horrible reviews all around. While at some points in the movie it was a bit dull, but the overall message of the movie is really deep if you just watch it a few times. You can really draw parallels and symbolism from the characters and how their interpersonal struggles reveal themselves outwardly throughout the movie in each other. Yes, the ending is a tad William Shakespeare, but I believe the message of being authentic and not being afraid of love amidst possible betrayal can relate to all of us on some level, one way or another.

2. Rent The Movie

In this musical, set at the dawn of the 1990s, a group of New Yorkers struggle with their careers, love lives and the effects of the AIDS epidemic on their community. Mark (Anthony Rapp), an aspiring filmmaker, and Roger (Adam Pascal), an HIV-positive musician, scramble for money to pay rent to their landlord and former roommate, Benny (Taye Diggs). Meanwhile, their friend Tom (Jesse L. Martin), a professor, has fallen for Angel (Wilson Jermaine Heredia), who is slowly dying of AIDS.

IMDb: 7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 46%

Meta Critic: 53%

I remember this movie when I first came out. I’m not a huge musical fan. I mean I did watch High School Musical and Glee, so I guess I am a little lol The songs and storyline really resonated with me back in high school, and still do today. I still cry whenever I watch this, and Only a couple movies can do this. I know all the songs to this movie, and even had a crush on Adam Pascal. The actor whole played Roger. I highly recommend this film. The overall message is living life to the fullest and cherishing everyone in it and around it in the 525,600 minutes we have this year, and Every year!

3. The Wolf On Wall Street

In 1987, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) takes an entry-level job at a Wall Street brokerage firm. By the early 1990s, while still in his 20s, Belfort founds his own firm, Stratton Oakmont. Together with his trusted lieutenant (Jonah Hill) and a merry band of brokers, Belfort makes a huge fortune by defrauding wealthy investors out of millions. However, while Belfort and his cronies partake in a hedonistic brew of sex, drugs and thrills, the SEC and the FBI close in on his empire of excess.

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

IMDb: 8.2/10

Meta Critic: 75%

Any movie with Leonardo DiCaprio is a win for me! This movie has all the cheating, depravity and lack of moral compass you can expect from a Wall Street too big to fail type movie, but that is what made it all the while! You learn that going to fast in a game where you don’t hold all the cards is doomed for failure. Of course, fluffing your accounts and hiding money overseas, having multiple hookers and drunk associates in your office is a red flag, but hey that’s the Brokerage business right?

4. Revolutionary Road

Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) and April Wheeler (Kate Winslet) always see themselves as far-removed from the conventionality of suburbia. Yet that is exactly what creeps up on them when they buy a house in Connecticut. He toils 10 hours a day in a job he hates, while she, as a 1950s homemaker, yearns for fulfillment and passion. Rebelling against the torpor of their lives, the couple plan an escape that may push them to their limits.

IMDb: 7.3/10

This movie spoke to me on so many levels regarding romantic relationships and relationship with self. April wanted more, she wanted adventure and excitement. She wanted to work and contribute to society in Paris where at the time, women were able to make a lot of money as a secretary. However, Frank, wanted to be promoted at his job and leave a legacy for his father who worked at the same company, but was just another number. Frank wanted to rise above. When April and Frank first met, they both wanted to “feel things” well in this movie, they feel a whole lot of emotions that questions societal expectations and their relationship that lead to their downfall. I believe in some ways they both contributed, and Wasn’t open to compromise and working with each other instead of against.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Series

When college senior Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for their campus paper, little does she realize the path her life will take. Christian, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she to him. Though sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair — and learns that Christian’s true sexual proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

IMDb: 4.1/10

Once again a movie critics said was harrowing, but One that I absolutely adored. I know the main premise was BDSM, Rich guy, “poor” girl they get involved, the whole cliché storyline about a girl getting rescued by some rich dude then abused. I feel Anastasia stood her own, and wasn’t a floor mat for Christian. She didn’t care about his riches; she demanded respect and that’s why He married her. I feel Christian’s past severely damaged the way he treated and thought about women, and that’s why he likes giving pain because that’s all he received. He needed to be the dominant and in control in order to in his own way, not feel the torment of being abused ever again.

5. The Dreamers

In May 1968, the student riots in Paris only exacerbate the isolation felt by three youths: an American exchange student named Matthew (Michael Pitt) and twins Théo (Louis Garrel) and Isabelle (Eva Green). Having bonded over their mutual love of cinema, Matthew is fascinated by the sense of intimacy shared by Isabelle and Theo, who were born conjoined. When the twins’ bohemian parents go away for a month, they ask Matthew to stay at their place, and the three lose themselves in fantasy.

IMDb: 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 61%

Roger Ebert: 4/4

This movie had 9 nominations and 2 wins, understandably. This movie had great music, lovely transitions and beautiful actors. This film is definitely one of fantasy and I was both in shock and intrigue when I first saw it. Bertolucci knows how to merge sexuality and politics in this masterpiece.

As you can probably tell, I don’t like cookie cutter, run of the mill type movies. I like somewhat controversial, unconventional flicks that make you uncomfortable. That make you think. To me, those are the best kind of movies.

6. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings is a film series consisting of three high fantasy adventure films directed by Peter Jackson. They are based on the novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

IMDb: 8.8/10

Meta Critic: 91%

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%

This was my go to movie back in Grade school. I even read the books. I so enjoyed the message of perseverance and strength. Despite all obstacles, and their size of the hobbits, they were honored before the King. In my favorite line,” You bow down to no one.” When Aragon was honoring the hobbits in front of the Kingdom.

7. Memoirs of a Geisha

In the 1920s, 9-year-old Chiyo (Suzuka Ohgo) gets sold to a geisha house. There, she is forced into servitude, receiving nothing in return until the house’s ruling hierarchy determines if she is of high enough quality to service the clientele — men who visit and pay for conversation, dance and song. After rigorous years of training, Chiyo becomes Sayuri (Ziyi Zhang), a geisha of incredible beauty and influence. Life is good for Sayuri, but World War II is about to disrupt the peace.

IMDb: 7.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 35%

Roger Ebert: 2.4/5

I really love this movie. To see Chiyo’s struggle of being sold off to a house not knowing where life will take her, and Her mother passing at a young age. She was in torment. After an unexpected opportunity, one life changing moment and after receiving a new name, she was on the road to being the best Geisha, but not without sacrifice and some compromises.

8. Labyrinth

Teenage Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) journeys through a maze to recover her baby brother (Toby Froud) from a goblin king (David Bowie).

IMDb: 7.4/10

You just have to watch this! Bowie’s music in this film is spectacular. RIP in your moonlight Daydream!

It’s a bit weird, a bit odd the film as a whole but otherwise, it’s a pretty cool flick if you like fantasy. Never Ending story flair.

9. The Crow

The night before his wedding, musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée are brutally murdered by members of a violent inner-city gang. On the anniversary of their death, Eric rises from the grave and assumes the gothic mantle of the Crow, a supernatural avenger. Tracking down the thugs responsible for the crimes and mercilessly murdering them, Eric eventually confronts head gangster Top Dollar (Michael Wincott) to complete his macabre mission.

IMDb: 7.6/10

I remember first seeing this movie, and being amazed by the visuals. Absolutely stunning!

10. Kama Sutra – A Tale of Love

In 16th-century India, Princess Tara (Sarita Choudhury) is raised alongside her maid Maya (Indira Varma). The two best friends turn into enemies when Tara becomes engaged to King Raj Singh (Naveen Andrews). Embittered by Tara’s sudden poor treatment of her, Maya sleeps with Raj on his wedding night and is expelled from the palace. With her mastery of sexual technique, Maya continues to entice Raj, who is too distracted by hedonistic pursuits to realize his kingdom is in danger.

IMDb: 6/10

I love this movie. Trying to learn about my culture a bit I guess lol

Thanks for checking out my list! Were there some movies on my list you have seen or might see?

What do you think?

Keep creating,

Movie Review : Netflix The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

London, 1946. Juliet (Lily James), a charismatic and free-spirited writer receives a letter from a member of a mysterious literary club started in Nazi-occupied Guernsey. Her curiosity piqued, Juliet decides to visit the island. There she meets the delightfully eccentric members of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, including Dawsey (Michiel Huisman), the rugged and intriguing farmer who wrote her the letter. As the secrets from their wartime past unfold, Juliet’s growing attachment to the island, the book club and her affection for Dawsey will change the course of her life forever.

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 123 minutes

Studio: Netflix

Rotten Tomatoes- 80%

Common Sense-3.5/5

IMDb- 7.1/10

My rating- 8/10

First off, let me say, I am a huge fan of movies that take place mid century, 1800’s up to early 1900’s. I love movies like Pride and Prejudice, Marie Antoinette, Titanic, Stand by me, Changeling, Legends of The Fall, Elizabeth etc you get the picture, so when I read the description; I was excited to learn that this was in this category.

I overall liked the cinematography and storyline. It took me to a different world. It’s a very charming movie. I was completely unaware that this was a 2008 historical novel of the same name. It definitely wants to make me go out and buy the book!

As Slate says, it is “comfort food”

“Still, there’s something reassuring about a movie as conventional as Guernsey. Unlike the meager potato peel pie of its title, which is cobbled together from the only rations available to the islanders, the movie is comfort food through and through, as wholesome and predictable as a Sunday roast and as sickly sweet as sticky toffee pudding.”

I agree with Slate as it leaves a fuzzy feeling at the end. Realizing all the turmoil and pain the potato peel society went through with the Nazi’s and formation of their literary club to have a base of escapism from their lives overturned by hate and to see their message delivered to the masses really makes you feel like their voices were finally heard.

If you are a fan of 1940’s WW2 style type movies then you should really check this out. Netflix outdid themselves with this one! From what I read, throughout the novel, it’s just letters and journals. In the beginning of the movie, it starts off with Juliet writing letters back and forth to one of the members of the Potato Peel club, so They were at least trying to make an effort.

I gave it an 8/10 because I feel the characters could have had more depth, but not a deal breaker.

Keep writing,


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Rejection is a Bittersweet Reward

I recently went to a job interview just to get an email a day later saying that they chose another candidate. I had been rejected before, but this one for some reason, just broke me. I actually cried in front of my boyfriend, and I don’t cry unless it’s something really crushing. To me, this was.

I had found the position on Craigslist, and being a walking distance from my house, I figured I mines as well apply. They wanted someone who wanted to grow with the company, PT and no experience. I figured awesome! Let me apply.

I was emailed back with an interview request. It went very well. The best interview I have had in a while. Great repoire, I had my pen and notebook, engaged and bright-eyed! I even gave the interviewer a tip on growing on social media! I figured too with my Bachelors that’ll I’ll be an added asset.

I was disappointed when I received the news of the rejection, but that experience taught me why entrepreneurship and having your own is so important.

Why it’s important to build your own brand, so you don’t have to beg for someone to see your worth. You should see your worth and add tax plus shipping and handling. Never be defined by a person’s perspective of you, be defined by your own eyes. I left that office knowing there was a 75% chance that I had that position. Instead it was 100% of rain, but I have learned to dance in the rain.

Of course I’ll apply and have applied to more jobs. This little setback won’t get me down. Rejections are usually open doors to better opportunities at the other end, and I’m ready for them! Send them to me Jesus!

Keep dancing,

Exploration of Self | Short Story – ResilienceReads

Through the wreckless trees she fought her way through the entanglement.

Seeking a purpose.

Stepping on sharp stones and hidden rocks, she grasped the edge of a branch seeking refuge only for its weak foundation to snap. Marla was determined to find the truth in the woods because the woods spoke to her as no human could. In nature, she felt the tears of the trees and the heavy burden of the soil pressing against her feet as the Earth walked with her. The many stories it told as she listened with intent.

Marla was a determined sort. She was cut from a different and unique cloth. A cloth that is only produced once in a lifetime. She was seeking truth about herself, so she ran to the woods as she believed only they could help her.

After walking through the forest for 10 hours, she found the tree she was looking for. The tree, she believed, could end all sorrow and questioning. She went up to the Oak, and She laid her hands. She instantly felt peace as she closed her eyes, and listened to nature all around her. Under her, the ground started moving, and her legs started shaking. A little rumble of the Earth made her collapse to the wet ground.

As she stood up, the tree where she believed could heal her started to rip from its roots. She was in shock as she couldn’t believe what what happening. As the tree was coming towards her, she leaped and tumbled to the other side. As she rose in sadness, she went over and positioned her whole self on the now fallen tree.

Long ago, Marla’s husband was found next to the Oak tree drinking alcohol as he promised he that he would stop, but he didn’t. He was found deceased there as well.

Marla believed she could find healing in the same place where she found hurt. Those two simply can’t co exist in the same space. As she learned, the tree almost destroyed her as well.

What you just read was one of the many fictional short stories curated by me called ResilienceReads to send a message of hope, strength, inner lessons and healing because we all broken in one form or another. I hope you will enjoy these stories, and Take time to reflect on your life.

My One Gallon Water Lifestyle

I first heard about this on YouTube where various YouTuber’s were drinking a gallon of water a day to either help lose weight or brighten their skin. They planned on doing this “challenge” for 7 days. Some even did it longer, and when They did they experienced significant results!

I am trying to lose weight and Remove excess toxins from my body. Doing a recent photo/video shoot really got me pumped to really take care of my body, not just for open calls, and other possible opportunities, but for myself. I said to myself I don’t want to do a challenge, but make this into a permanent lifestyle.

It is really important to consume water on a daily bases. Honestly, it is a trial for me to get my daily intake, but I figured if I keep a gallon of water on my tv stand, then I’ll drink it. This theory has proven true. I was able to drink a half gallon the first day, and unfortunately, none the second. Why? I was drinking tap water, but I despise the taste, so I boiled some, and I’m waiting for it to cool down as I write this.

I am really trying to better myself, and my lifestyle. Especially health wise. Yeah, I still have my Pepsi, but I know with the right foods and drinks, I’ll be set. I aim to re-purchase my Brielle Juicer, so I can juice again after it accidentally got tossed while I was cleaning my place a while back.

It has always been a struggle drinking water. For my mom however, it was always a breeze, but We need water as our bodies are made mostly of it. The struggle is also due to my feverish sugar addiction which I will discuss in another post. However, I really want to do better. This is one of my first baby steps in the right direction.

In other news, I went for an interview recently at Pocono Modern, but They chose another candidate. I was bummed, but this is why I aim to be a successful entrepreneur. I have a few things in the works, and I pray one day, I won’t have to struggle anymore, but I’m a fighter. Always.

Until next time,