The Barbell Birth

Good day beautiful people! My name is Shardae Triumphant Joseph, and this is my first introductory post introducing me to you. Welcome to Liprouge and Resilience, a lifestyle blog about holistic practices, beauty and overall well being. I created this blog with the purpose of helping and connecting with others with the same vision and mindset of introspection that leads to outward beauty. My reasoning behind naming this blog is because lip rouge is a lipstick you wear to feel beautiful and confident. As we women feel whenever we wear that crimson red or hot purple! Huh? You know what I’m sayin’ and resilience represents defeating obstacles and overcoming. We are a sexy force to be reckoned with! Lol I just want women and just individuals in general just to know better and do better. 
A little bit more about me. I am from Brick City, 973 aka Newark, NJ. Born to 2 Corporate job working parents. My mom from Virginia and my dad from Trinadad and Tobago. I grew up in ballet school with pointe shoes then moved on to African dance and then praise, contemporary and flag dancing as I got older. I also used to sing in my church choir and fun fact about me! I made it through the preliminary rounds for the Simon Cowell show, The X Factor. That was a fun and reflective experience. Later on, I also danced for a few saturdays at Al Sharpton’s NAN in Harlem and at his convention. My mom was my manager for most of these events throughout my life. She was also a life coach and holistic practitioner to an extent. She was always reading and digesting. She later passed, and I miss her everyday. She taught me resilience. 
We all come from a barbell birth. As soon as we are born, we have 3-4 strikes against us. Either voluntarily or by societies standards and cultures. A barbell if attached symbolically to our feet, our feet that helps us stand tall, weighs us down but if we use that barbell, that negative thought, whatever it is, and use it to build our mental muscle capacity then we win, everytime. 

I look forward to more conversations! 
Shardae T. Joseph

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Scents of Beauty, Notes of Wonder! 

Hey, Hey, Hey! 

I love perfume. I am sure I have sampled, sniffed and bought dozens of Perfume. Lord knows, when I go to Sephora, I am in there spraying and spritzing away! It’s a Perfume Wonderland in there, but of course Perfumania is the top contender! 

The last scent that I recall I really liked was Michael Kor’s Very Hollywood and Prada’s Candy was really nice. I had a few others I really liked too, but can’t remember, but this post isn’t about them. It’s about my all time favorite parfum, Thierry Mugler Angel. 

I just love everything about this perfume! It’s so delicate, yet powerful. When you walk into a room, you are magnetic. The scents are intoxicating, and memorable. I’m not the type of individual to have “Favorites”, so when I do ; it’s a big deal. 

I first discovered this delicious potion in College. At that time, I was just studying, focused on term papers, but when I stepped into the Mall, and saw and smelled this masterpiece. All my senses got awakened! I had found my parfum. 

Scent Type : 

Warm and Sweet Gourmands

Keynotes : 

Caramel, Chocolate, Honey, Vanilla 

Angel was launched in 1992 ( I was 2 years old lol) , and created by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Cherin. 

🏆 Winner of the FiFi Award Hall of         Fame 2007 

I highly recommend their lotion as well! It goes on smooth and non greasy. Nice strong scent, yet not overbearing. It leaves you smelling fresh all day! 

Beauty Tip! 

Rub Petroleum Jelly on your wrist or neck and then spritz on your favorite parfum. The scent will last all day, especially longer, if you hadn’t put on Jelly. I’ve tried this hack, and it is tested and true. Worked for me! 

Funny thing, Chanel Number 5 is known to be a classic fragrance, but It’s one of those I really dislike. To me, it’s not feminine enough, and smells too woodsy and a bit burnt. The smell is too strong and just unsettling smell to me. 

My precious mom’s favorite fragrance before she switched over to Angel was Shalimar. She absolutely adored Shalimar, but as soon as she smelled Angel, and I introduced it to her, she loved it just as much as I did! It became our go to perfume! 

“There is a goddess in every woman I like to magnify.” Thierry Mugler 


(All photos courtesy of google images) 
What is your favorite perfume? 

Answer in the comments section! 
Until next time…



Shardae x 

Labyrinth of Encounters

Hello beautiful Souls!

I hope everybody is doing good today, and enjoying their weekend.

Do you ever wonder about coincidences, fate or destiny? Have you ever dreamed something, and it happened?

Do you ever wonder if the people and acquaintances that are in our lives are by purpose or accident?

Yes, of course, we have the ability to make our own choices about who we choose to let in our lives and what path we choose to follow or is it all just an illusion of choice?

The Myth of the Red String 

Have you ever analyzed the friends, family and acquaintances in your life and thought what purpose, big or minuscule, this individual role plays in my life. Sometimes, I think about this, and say some people are supposed to be a lesson and some people are meant to stay. There has been a revolving door of people in and out my life, but those individuals, taught me something I needed.

In the Chinese movie, Dolls, by Takeshi Kitano, this dicusses predetermination whereas couples were united by the red string of destiny.

“Journeys end in lover’s meeting”

William Shakespeare

The next time a person walks in or out of your life.


What was their purpose? 

(All photos courtesy of Google Images)

The Beauty in Brokenness

Broken, Adjective 

According to Merriam – Webster 

  • Violently seperated into parts; shattered.
  • Damaged or altered by or as if by breaking.
  • Having undergone or been subjected to fracture.
  • Not working properly.

Hello beautiful people! 

I believe we all have been through some level of being broken. We all come from different backgrounds, walks of life, status etc, but at the end of the day, we are all human, and we feel pain. I know when my mom passed, that was the most extreme level of pain and brokenness I have ever felt. My mom always told to take my cares to the Lord, and talk to HIM. I would, but honestly at that point, I was too broken to speak to the light. I was basking in darkness. 

I was…




But as I started to introspect, and look at my situation, and reflect. I snapped out of it, slowly, and realized that I am better than this. I found my strength in my mom’s advices. She was always strong no matter what, even in her lowest, she had to get the job done, and that’s what I needed to do. From there, I realized the beauty in being shattered. In recognizing my pain, and not supressing it, I was able to become better. I was able to pick up my shards. 

Kintsugi – Kintsukuroi 

The 500 year old Japanese art of recognizing beauty in broken things. The craftsman would incoporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it. 

It is also known as “Golden Joiney”, the technique in which the item is repaired with lacquer that is mixed with Gold, Silver or Platinum. 

The Philosophy of Wabi – Sabi 

“To find beauty in broken or old things” 

We in the Western World, when something is broken. It no longer carries value and therefore has to be thrown away, disposed of. 

Washing a plate, and you accidently drop it on the Kitchen floor, you throw it out.

You are getting Coffee, and the Mug is too hot, and you drop it! Forget about spilled milk…what about the el cafe! 

There is beauty in brokenness, seeing all of your pieces there staring back at you, waiting to be picked up and put back together again. 

Kyoto based Muneaki Shimode is the youngest Professional Kintsugi Craftsman at 27 years old, and he believes, ” It’s one beautiful way of living, that you fix your dish by yourself.” 

We as Westerners, do however, have our own way of Kintsugi. When during Christmas time, birthdays or holidays, we take our gifts and upcycle or repurpose. Not just gifts, but antiques and vintage items. Just because something is old, it does not mean it doesn’t have value. Just because something is broken, doesn’t mean it’s useless. 

There is a purpose in every broken piece of our lives, and in those moments, is where we find our strength. 

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me! 

Keep fighting the good fight! 
Shardae x 

Yo Chill Out : Starbucks Unsweetened Black Cold Brew Review 

Happy Sunday Lovelies! 

Stay prayed up and stay fierce! 🔥

Well, as I was casually looking through the beverage aisle at Shoprite, yes I have my Price Plus card honey Lol I came upon a Starbucks drink that I just had to try and tell you guys! It was a 2/$5 deal on the black and Cocoa & Honey Cold Brew Premium drinks from Starbucks. 

Super – Smooth Cold Brew Coffee

We started with a premium blend of beans specially selected to brew without heat, creating a taste that’s smooth with subtle cocoa notes and balanced notes. 

To say the least, they have achieved their mission statement. It was bold, smooth and lovely. The cocoa notes were singing poetic whispers to my lips! It wasn’t too strong nor did it leave an aftertaste. After my 11 Fl Oz Baby drink was finished, I was actually quite saddened because it was so good. 

I have always enjoyed and loved Black Coffee! That’s why I tried the Black Unsweetened one first.  I figured if that goes over well, then the Cocoa & Honey one should pass too! 


I feel the Glass Bottle was really pleasing to the eyes, and The white, bold lettering contrasting with the brown iridescent bottle was really a really good color choice. It looked clean especially from a distance. I am not sure if they used the brown to protect the bottle from the sun like Arizona does with their bottles, but either way, it looked really good. 

Plus it’s easy to pop right into your bookbag, purse or travel bag! 

Another thing that stood to me was their dedication to Conservation International in which they work with them in partnership to 100% Ethical Sourcing. 

Go to : to learn more about that initiative. 

Hmm…What is Cold Brewing? 

Glad you asked! Here is an infographic to show how Starbucks brews their magic. 

Cold Brew wants to Come Home! 

Do you know you can make your own Cold Brew Coffee at home? 

The Coffeemaker I found that seemingly rated high in aesthetics, assembly, make and drip valve precision is…

Nispira Luxury ICE ☕

Sip on luxury! 

Looks good right? 

Talking Points 

  •  Easy assemble value
  • Stainless Steel Body 
  • Serves up to 8 people
  • High Aesthetic value
  • Drip Valve Precise
  • Sleek and Elegant 
  • Glass is heat resistant

On Amazon, the price is $79.99! $20.00 off the original price. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my drinking experience! 

See you under the shade, 
Shardae x 
Sources : 

( Images courtesy of Google Images) 

Some my own

Have you tried the Starbucks Cold Brew? 

Where do you go for your grocery shopping? 

Answer in the comments section! 

My HelloFresh Dinner Unboxing! 

Hello beautiful people!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

My FREE Hellofresh box arrived today. I hear all the hype, so I mines as well say hello! It came with 2 recipes each of different persuasion. 

One meat centered, and one pasta centered. Variety is the spice of life! 

The recipe I prepared tonight was Apricot Chicken with green beans and roasted potatoes. Only, without the fruit because despite it being mixed with other ingredients to make a decadent sauce. I just don’t want fruit touching my meat lol 

Here is my meal in pictures! Enjoy! 

Everything was fresh to the T! Came insulated with 2 huge ice packs on the bottom of the box to keep the perishables protected, and the non perishables were stored on top. 

Futhermore, it also came with some coupons and 2 wide recipe visuals. Overall, I was impressed with the whole setup and execution. 

Try the freshness for yourself, while you’re there, say hello! 👋
Happy Eating,

Shardae x 

The Belle Betrayal : The Dark Side of Allure

“Beauty isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” 

When I first heard these words uttered by a fashion designer complimenting and exuberating Jesse’s beauty. All I could think of is he leads a sad existence. He can never be satisfied because there will always be someone coming through the door, more preetier and more beautiful. 

As I layed down watching The Neon Demon directed by Refn in 2016. It reveals that beauty is only skin deep, and in this case, can get you killed. 

We see the supermodels and aspiring models of today, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Winnie Harlow, Jasmine Brown, Tyra Banks, Giselle Budchen etc and We think to ourselves, they have the , “it.” In the movie, Jesse had the “it” and women who had been in the industry for years couldn’t do what Jesse did in a matter of weeks, but this tale isn’t about fashion, fashion is the backdrop. This is about something deeper, narcissism. 

Are you beautiful? If the answer is yes, then you can come off as a narcissist, but this isn’t always the case because you don’t know a person’s background, and it can be a legitimate fact. Stating facts, especially about yourself doesn’t make you arrogant, it makes you aware. 

“Yet in our generation of selfies, our generation is accepting of a type of narcissism, and that is the horror element”, as Elle Fanning expressed in an interview. Jesse was from Georgia, came to L.A. to make it to being praised and in a sense worshipped and envied by culture and society because she had the it factor. I’m not going to dive into the more gruesome elements of this film, nor a review. I am writing this to express my thoughts on how and why we got to this point. 

Who is the Neon Demon? 

Elle Fanning believes Jesse is. As forestated, Jesse came from Georgia, a humble, sweet, southern gal just wants her dreams realized as a model. She gets her wish, and she gets in her own way. In one scene, she is walking the Runway, and it is shown Jesse kissing images of herself like it is the first time in life she had become alive. They say a mirror is a portal to a different dimension, those dimensions collided, and like Narcissisus, when he kissed himself in the pool, he sealed his fate, and drowned. 

My mom was a beauty pageant winner in College, she won Ms. Congeniality. Back in the days, her poise teacher, from what she told me, said she could become a model, and that she was uniquely beautiful. My mom could have been big headed and pompous, but she wasn’t. Instead she thought less of her beauty, and more about how she could help people. 

Not saying my mom never put on makeup lol before she left the house, she always made sure she was on fleek! She always told me, “Shardae, make sure you have eyeliner or lipstick on at least, you are showing yourself to the World, you’re a pretty girl.” She was right. My mom always taught me in a nutshell, beauty fades. Everything is temporary. Speak with your heart, not your lipstick.

Am I against selfies? No. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and being confident in the right way. Once you start thinking you are better than everyone else, that becomes a problem. Like it reads in the Bible, …” haughty spirit before a fall.” Don’t bathe in madness and don’t dance with demons. 

The Neon Demon is a cautionary tale about beauty and narcissism. We are all human, we all have flaws and things we are working on. Don’t be like Jesse, don’t let your it consume you. 

Have you seen the Neon Demon? 

What are your thoughts on beauty and society’s obsession with it? 

Answer in the comments section! 

See you later Alligator, 
Shardae x 

The Penny Collector

See a Penny, pick it up then all day, you’ll have good luck!

How many times have we heard this one?

In my daily life, I cannot tell you how many times I find pennies on the ground. My boyfriend is always asking me, “Shardae, why do you pick up pennies, they are not dollars.” I simply let him know, money is money. Period.

It’s amazing. People won’t pick a penny up because they believe it’s of lesser value, not worth as much as other coins, lower on the hierarchy, not a bitcoin and simply ugly. It’s always the underdog that has it the hardest, but in time, the Dog can become the Wolf.

All the pennies I have accumulated over the years. I can easily go to Coinstar, and probably get out a significant amount of money.


The origins of this believed lucky coin may stem from ancient times when metals were believed to offer protection from evil spirits.

Some believe you should pick a penny up and pass it along to someone else to have good luck.

I’m sure we all heard of the Old Wives tale that a bride should put a penny in her shoe to ensure a happy and prosperous marriage.

A Penny is worth one cent, and it is a Copper plated Zinc coin.


Do I believe in all of this penny talk? No, not really. I believe in making my own luck, and with that comes blood, sweat and tears. You can’t expect metal to give you medallions. You have to work for it.

Now, do I believe in the law of attraction intertwine with faith? Yes, I do. I believe if you speak it and believe it, God will work on your request. As it says in the Bible, faith without works is dead. If you don’t put in the work, the Universe won’t work for you.


I remember my beautiful mom would collect pennies all the time, and I would always ask her, “Mom, why you always collecting pennies, they are not worth anything.” To say the least, I was wrong. She responded, “Everything has value, and everything adds up.” The smallest penny, that you think is worthless is worthy.


So the next time you see a Penny, lonely on Main Street, will you pick it up?


Hey! Tell me what you think…

Do you have any superstitions?

11:11 Make a Wish!

See you later lovelies,

Shardae x

My Graze Sample Unboxing

Happy August beautiful people!

This is the last month of Summer. I hope everyone gets in their last minute Beachscapes and nighttime boogies! Drop it like it’s hot, but don’t burn yourself! Always have some handy SPF Sun tan lotion! We don’t need any probs. My favorite seasons are Winter and Fall. Plus, January is my birthday month.


Yesterday,  I received my Graze Sample Box, and It is delicious! In one of my past post, I unboxed my Pinchme box, and low and behold, the Graze coupon lied within. To say the least, I took full advantage of it because I had seen it advertised on television, and I am always looking to try new things. Plus, this was a healthy alternative to the normal snack and chips, so I was excited to partake.

I received the sample box which means 4 snacks got curated to my preferences. I filled out a snack profile online, and from then Darwin ( I’ll explain that later) would design the box’s contents.


Get yo Graze on!

Graze is a snack company based in UK which offers snack combinations. They expanded to include U.S.A. in 2013, and launched snacks into retailers in 2016.

Graze develops it’s own recipes that are not genetically modified, no artificial flavors, colors, high fructose syrup or trans fat.

Who is Darwin?

Graze uses an algorithm called DARWIN. Darwin is Decision Algorithm Rating What Ingredients Next. It’s used to customize snack boxes based on preferences subscribers enter on the site. Basically, an AI Snack Expert! Lol

I think Darwin did it right because every snack was to my liking based on my preferences.






What In Your Box?

According to my preferences, all my choices got realized. They did it right. There was many to chose from all healthy and very creative.

This is what they sent me :

1. Louisiana Wild Beans and Rice

2. Jelly Doughnut

3. Caramel Apple

4. Cinnamon Pretzel

I was looking for something, light and sweet, so to speak, but at the same time, able to get a thorough introduction to the versatility of their product.


Graze Giving Back

Graze donates a portion of it’s profits from referrals to the Graze School of Farming, an organization that works to reduce global poverty in Kabubbu, Nigeria.

I appreciate companies that give back to foster the greater good. If you are able to help, then help, and I believe that speaks volumes to a company to have values to want to see other’s succeed.




Sources :
I already devoured the Caramel Apple snack! Soft Apple slices with caramel sauce. That was a treat! I even gave an Apple slice to my dog lol She loved it!
One Final Note…

Graze is offering a discounted promotion on your first box!

Get it while it’s hot! 🔥
Until next time…

#Enjoylife ❤

Influenster : First Sample Unboxing

Happy Saturday!

As you may know by now, I am a big fan of all things samples! If I can get it for free. Trust me, I will find a way to. If you are interested in Influenster. Log on to or download the app on Google Play or The Apple Store! 📱

This sampling box was called the Oasis Vox box. It included edible treats and makeup goodies.

Box Included :

– 1 Aloha Peanut butter and Jelly        Organic Protein Bar

– 3 Welch’s Fruit Roll-Ups

Berry, Strawberry, Tropical Punch

–  1 Vera Wang Embrace Rose buds and Vanilla

– 1 Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle and Iris

– 1 Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer

– 1 Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Buff Beige 725

– 1 Evolution Fresh free bottle coupon

– 1 Eva NYC $2.00 Off Coupon

It’s simple! All you have to do is

   Sign up ~ Review ~ Share

Everything in this haul I was very pleased with, and It was so enjoyable receiving, reviewing and sharing all these goodies!

Just a mini note, the Aloha Bar I ate before I was able to take a picture. My apologies. It was that good!

Here are my pictures of the contents! Enjoy!

I’ve shared on Instagram and Facebook under the hashtags:



If you would like to see more go follow my social sites as well!

Facebook – Shardae Joseph

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Remember to #Enjoylife

See you in another 360° 😊

Shardae x


Yo Chill Out : Starbucks Iced Salted Caramel Mocha Review 

Hello Goddesses

If you’re like me. You love coffee!! In any way, but especially The Starbucks Way! I’m more of a Dunkin Donuts girl, but it honestly doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s good. Let’s not complicate things…too much. When I was in the poconos yesterday celebrating my boyfriend’s Victor birthday. We stopped at a nifty, little Gas Station to buy some breakfast because it was 8am in the Morning, and what did I see! My pick me up! It was Limited Edition, so I had to get it!

I have had Starbucks drinks in the past, and I have always been pleased with them. I haven’t been dissapointed yet. Starbucks is the King of Caf , so to speak. I drink around 2-4 cups of Maxwell House a day. Coffee is good for you, in doing my own research, but as the saying goes. Too much of a good thing isn’t good.

This iced coffee is rich, sweet and milky. It has a smooth taste, and no bad taste or aftertaste. The Packaging is clean and sleek, and it’s an instant energy boost. The calorie count count isn’t that bad either. Especially for an Iced Mocha beverage.

As it says…

Inspired by a sweet favorite of coffee and chocolate lovers in our cafes. Cocoa and toffee notes intertwine with hints of sea salt, bold espresso and creamy milk for a refreshingly decadent treat.

Enjoy lovelies! 🌷

Chill out and enjoy your day! #Enjoylife 

What is your favorite Iced Coffee drink? 

Have you tried the Unicorn Starbucks drink? 

Until next time…

Shardae x